Naturally Grown, Expertly Harvested

Premium Hay, Straw, & Flake Shavings

Nutritious and Natural

Hay That Your Livestock Deserves

Our Northern and Western Hay is carefully cultivated to ensure the highest nutritional content. Ideal for horses, cattle, and other livestock, our hay is naturally grown and expertly harvested, ensuring that each bale is packed with the essential nutrients your animals need to thrive.

Sustainable and Versatile

Straw for Bedding, Gardening, and More

Bauer Hay & Straw's premium straw is a versatile product perfect for animal bedding, landscaping, and garden mulching. Our straw is clean, dust-free, and sustainably sourced, providing a comfortable and natural solution for a variety of uses.

Versatile and Practical

Our Flake Shavings for Multiple Applications

Our Flake Shavings are not just for bedding! Their versatility extends to various applications, including in gardening, as a natural mulch, or in composting, enhancing soil quality. Ideal for both small-scale and commercial uses, these shavings are a practical, multipurpose solution for your farm, garden, or stable.