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100% Pine

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Bauer Farms Premium Pine Shavings include our Large Flake which is available in 12 cubic feet usable volume bags and our Medium Flake which is available in 10 cubic feet usable volume bags.

Bauer Hay and Straw also offers Suncoast Fine Flake Shavings in 5.5 cubic feet usable volume bags as well as Suncoast Mini Flake available in 8 cubic feet usable volume bags. 

Keep your Animals Dry and Cozy

Bauer Farms Large and Medium Flake Shavings

Our large and medium flakes provide fluffy bedding providing maximum cushioning for horses and other animals! 

  • Dry and absorbent

  • Double Screened

  • Fresh natural pine scent

  • Lightweight, easy to carry, stack and store

  • Manufactured in a bio-secure facility

Maximum Cushion Comfort

Suncoast Pine Shavings Mini Flake and Fine Flake

  • Smaller cut flakes are quicker to sift reducing stall maintenance time.

  • Great absorbency. 

  • For those who prefer a smaller piece than our flake sizes.

  • Compressed bags for easier storage.

  • Manufactured in a bio-secure facility

Bauer Farms Premium Shavings can be found at these retailers

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Hallway Feeds
251 W Loudon Ave,
Lexington, KY 40508
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Southern States
1141 Paris Pike,
Georgetown, KY 40324

1488 Main St,
Paris, KY 40361

Trusted by the Best

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BrookLedge Horse Transportation uses Bauer Farm Shavings to ensure safe and comfortable footing for short and long hauls.
Local & non-local

Direct Shipments

Bauer offers direct shipments if you're not a Lexington local.
Full semi loads and "LTL" - less-than-truckload shipping.
Bauer can handle all logistics if needed.
Local farm delivery is available. Delivery charges may apply.

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