Bauer Hay

Nutrition-Rich Hay Varieties

We proudly provide a variety of unique and high quality forage from professional growers. We are proud to offer all of our hay in a variety of bale sizes whether it is; Timothy, Alfalfa, Orchard Grass; or mixed hay of Timothy/Alfalfa and Orchard/Alfalfa. We import hay from all over the United States and Canada. Whether it's showing, breeding, or pleasure, you can be assured of the same quality and nutrition in your forage.

Rich in Nutrients, Perfect for Growth and Health

Premium Alfalfa Hay - The Optimal Choice for Nutritional Excellence

Our Alfalfa hay is a great source of fiber, protein, and fat! This hay contains higher levels of energy and calcium and can consist of leaves, branching stems and flower clusters.

Alfalfa is available in 2 Tie, 3 Tie, and 3x4x8 bales.

Balanced Nutrition and Palatability in Every Bale

Superior Timothy Hay – Your Choice for Digestive Health

Our Timothy hay consists of long, hollow stems with a densely packed head. This hay is low in protein, but high in fiber and energy which makes it easily digestible. This hay has a low to moderate calorie content.

Timothy is available in 2 Tie, 3 Tie, and 3x4x8 bales.

Delivering Nutritious, Palatable, and Gentle Feed

Orchard Grass - The Soft, Sweet Choice for Your Animals

Our Orchard grass is a highly palatable grass hay with higher fiber, protein and calorie content, yet contains balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus.

Orchard Grass is available in 2 Tie, 3 Tie, and 3x4x8 bales.

Optimal Blend of Nutrition and Flavor - Bauer's Mixed Hay

The Perfect Fusion of Alfalfa & Orchard Grass for Balanced Diet

Our Mixed hay is a well balanced blend of alfalfa and orchard grass. You get the benefits of high protein and nutrients from the alfalfa while containing the calorie amount with a nice blend of grass hay. This hay is a great balance of key nutrients!

Orchard Grass / Alfalfa is available in 2 Tie, 3 Tie, and 3x4x8 bales.

Local & non-local

Direct Shipments

Bauer offers direct hay shipments if you're not a Lexington local.
Full semi loads and "LTL" - less-than-truckload shipping.
Bauer can handle all logistics if needed.
Local farm delivery is available. Delivery charges may apply.

Visit our warehouse or call / text your orders to: